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Top 10 LinkedIn Tips

Nick Wood, July 30 2019

LinkedIn is known as the worlds largest professional network. The mission is to connect the world’s of professional in order for to make them more productive and successful. There are only two ways of using linkedIn. You can set up a personal profile and a company page. But what happens after that? We will explain the top 10 things you must do to get started.

1) Presenting your self in the best possible way is a good start to begin with. Make sure you have a professional profile photo, a strong headline and all the key sections filled in.

2) Personalising your URL will look more professional. You can take advantage of this by including this on your business card, email signature and even if you have a website, you can add this on the about section.

3) LinkedIn is not a place for selling or pitching your services. Instead, upload and share your work and add rich media links to highlight your work.

4) Contact details are a must to have in your profile but also making them visible to your network. It will be easy for people to contact you easily.

5) During your previous networking events, you must have met professionals with business cards. Look into those business cards and connect with them if they’ve provided their linkedIn profile.

6) After connecting with people, make sure that you personalize your message with a short note to highlight how you know each other or where you met.

7) Sharing an article is one of the must to do on your LinkedIn profile. Reason for this is you want to be in front of your network.

8) Use of hashtags is another way to be found by other professionals in the LinkedIn network. Adding hashtags on your content will be found by LinkedIn users and editors.

9) Another method to be considered as being active on LinkedIn is when you like, commend and share their content will get you in front of your networks.

10) Following individuals, influencers and businesses will help you gather new within the industry will allow you to know the latest news and updates and also being able to share this within your network.