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Is Your Website Dead or Just Having a Nap?

Daniel Aiyegbusi, February 20 2019

How is your website perform right now? If it’s doing well then carry on doing what you are doing, that’s great.

However, if you have noticed a decrease in visitor traffic, less sales leads coming through or your conversions are down then you need to do something about it and quick.

Here are some top tips to give your website a kick start and to wake it up from its nap.

**News Flash**

If your website isn’t easy to use, then it isn’t going to be used…

  • Use eye catching headings to highlight important topics.
  • Use bullet points so that people can scan read
  • Make the navigation simple and intuitive
  • Make the font sizes easy to read
  • Make it accessible to all
  • Include a comprehensive search function so that people can quickly and accurately find what they are looking for.
  • It must be mobile responsive – A huge percentage of searches are done on mobile devices these days, so you have to make sure that your website adjusts quickly to fit the screen size of any kind of device.
  • Nothing will make people leave your site quicker than a website that doesn’t load properly onto their phone.

People have come to your site to answer questions that are specific. Don’t have them distracted by unimportant stuff. The text needs to be brief, concise and to the point. Have a look at what is written there now as see if you can tweak it to increase its impact.

One of the things that Google rates very highly is social signals. Are you making it easy for your content to be shared on social media platforms? Do you have videoscommunicating the personality of your business? Happiness has a real impact on visitor engagement.

Does it have calls to action? Does it ask you to “Buy Now”, “Contact us”, “Sign Up now”? Whatever it is that you want the visitor to do you need to actually ask them, several times. Make sure your contact details are on the footer, so they appear on every page and put calls to action everywhere. On banners, and in the text. This will give people a chance to engage on many levels.

In surveys speed of loading comes out as the number 1 reason people leave a website. We’ve all become so impatient. If a page doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less, we’re gone. If your pages load slowly, I can guarantee that it’s causing you to lose business.

Thereis all sorts of technical stuff I could tell you about here, but the bottom line is you need to speed it up.