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What is Google Search Ads and Why You Should Care

Google Search Ads are the ads that you will see on a search engine results page. They are paid listings that appear in search engine results
Nick Wood, July 4 2022
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SEO Tiptop Top Tips For Beginners

It is important for businesses to understand the basics of SEO and how it can help them. In this short article will provide you with a beginner’s guide to SEO, as well as some helpful SEO tips.
Nick Wood, July 11 2022
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Looking at setting up a Business? Registering as a sole trader ?

What is a sole trader? It simply means being self-employed, although sole traders can also have employees. Being a sole trader involves some personal financial risk. Sole traders must pay their debts if their business fails.
Nick Wood, December 22 2020
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Ways to do business better in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has made us all change the way we do business, permanently. While challenges certainly remain, there are many ways that small businesses can adapt in order to survive and even thrive. We have selected some of the best advice of 2020 to help make 2021 a much better year.
Nick Wood, December 22 2020
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Maximising Conversions for your Website

When we review client’s websites we often see a healthy amount of traffic but very few leads. As a business owner this is causes a high amount of frustration.
Nick Wood, March 7 2019
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5 reasons to outsource your marketing in 2021

Do you want to improve your business and get more out of your time this year ? (what business owner doesn’t, right?) One of the best things you could do this year is outsource your marketing to us!
Nick Wood, January 6 2021
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Top 10 LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is known as the worlds largest professional network. The mission is to connect the world’s of professional in order for to make them more productive and successful. There are only two ways of using linkedIn. You can set up a personal profile and a company page. But what happens after that?
Nick Wood, July 30 2019
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Can videos boost your content marketing ?

Content marketing is something that all businesses need. If a start up business, certainly be include it in your marketing plans. Content marketing means putting out useful, informative, interesting content through your blog, social media, or perhaps via a newsletter.
Nick Wood, February 2 2021
the-importance-of-keyword-research in 2023

The Importance of Keyword Research in 2023

Why Do Keyword Research in 2023 Keywords are words or phrases that Search Engines (Google, Bing) use to match your website’s content with search queries. Any content created for the web with the intention of ranking highly for relevant search queries has to have Keyword Targeting as their primary focus. Understanding the importance of keyword... Read the full article...
Daniel Aiyegbusi, January 6 2023
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Digital Marketing Agency Surrey

Digital marketing agencies help businesses grow by creating strategies that drive traffic to their websites. Find out what they do and how much they cost.
Nick Wood, June 27 2022