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5 reasons to outsource your marketing in 2021

Nick Wood, January 6 2021

Do you want to improve your business and get more out of your time this year ? (what business owner doesn’t, right?) One of the best things you could do this year is outsource your marketing to us!

Here are five reasons why outsourcing marketing makes sense right now.

1. You get the best Marketing Specialist & their Skills

Great marketing is creating and developing great content and messages that connect with your audience – thats a skill – it is actually a specialist skill. You keep to what you are good at, and let the marketeers do what the are good at. You may need graphic designer, a copywriter and social media expert – its best to hire the right people from the start. And that’s just for starters. Your website also needs to be at its best functionality. Here at Intertec marketing agency we cover all these skills and more.

2. New Ideas & Option’s

Its great to have an external agency – they can look at new ideas. Sometimes fresh eyes and opinions bring not only new challenges but a great boost injection to your business. We think outside teh box!

3. Flexibility

This can fit around your business needs, you may not need a full time marketing department. But you want to boost a product or area in your business at a certain time. Intertec offer a choice of fee options, from retained monthly fees and attractive flat-fee packages to as-and-when project work.

4. Saving the Pennies

In-house Marketing Specialist can be costly as you may need a team – Graphic designer, Web-developer, Copywriter the list goes on. Intertec has ll that under one roof! That’s why outsourcing can save money in the long run.

5. Time Saver

When you outsource your marketing, you save time allowing the experts to do their job in Marketing adn you to focus on what you are good at. Intertec as the marketing agency can find and identify your audience and target them leaving you to focus on working on what you are experts in.

Intertec are here to help you get more out of your marketing in 2021! Contact us now