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10 Tips to improve your search ranking

Daniel Aiyegbusi, July 1 2019

Have you had enough of advice and now you’re starting to get confused on how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works? We will tell you the top 10 tips on this list on how to improve your search ranking to get on the top of the list on search engine websites such as Google, Yahoo etc.

There are so many ways you can discover to improve your rankings on any major search engines. Even the experts of SEO are still trying to find the best results. But here are the ten simple and effective ways to improve your search engine ranking as a result of more traffic to your website and to generate profit from online resources.

1. Post good quality content

Creating a good quality content can be yet challenging. What Google aims to do is to deliver the most helpful content with the most traffic per let’s say a blog. Publishing a content is also all about the keywords being used to increase the traffic to your website.

A good quality content that gives a lot of value to your audiences can gain your website in traffic as what we called organic or direct traffic which is slightly non-reliant to the keywords you’ve used to be found by the public but it’s through referrals and the most important thing is your presence in the organic listings.

2. Post it regularly!

If you created a good quality content or even a content that didn’t really gave you the results of having more traffic to your website. It doesn’t matter! Keep posting regularly improve your content writing skills and soon you’ll see the fast increase of traffic to your website.

3. RESEARCH exceeds all

Competition is tough in the world of SEO as it is currently oversaturated with bloggers and companies aiming to be on the top of the ranking. There are tools available to use for all such as Google Keyword Planner which will help you identify how many people actually use a specific keyword on a monthly basis in any given area. Which is an advantage if you’re looking to run a campaign.

4. Focus your attention on proven positive results

A successful formula to SEO is a positive thing to keep using the same keywords on every content/pages that you will publish on your website. If you’re looking to test new keywords or strategies do as you wish and don’t be afraid to experiment new things but remember to use the existing proven positive results from your previous keywords that has given your website more traffic than it used to have.

5. Optimizing your meta-data

Meta-data on web pages are a must to optimise yet people tend to forget to do this critical process to rank up on listing. Creating an amazing quality content will not get you an instant result of more traffic to your website which means, having a good meta-data set up on a page with your content will increase the chances of your content/page to be noticed by the crawler bots to create a clear insight of that specific content to have a higher chances of ranking up with a well written titles and description which

6. Write headline not just for the readers but also for the search engine

Creating a eye catching headline will attract more readers which is proven to be that 80% of website audiences only read the headline. If your headline is not eye catching enough, there is a high chance that your reader will ignore the whole content. A good headline is not just for your readers but also for the search engine. Use of clever and well-planned keyword for a headline will crawl faster to the search engine bots.

7. Get quality links

Links do also take a huge part of the SEO. Getting a quality link/url from a high qualuty websites can give you a huge advantage of getting discovered and increase numbers of traffic to your website.

8. Generate links from lots of different sources

If you want to rank well, you can focus on just by typing one link. Consider adding yourself to multiple directories to increase the chances of ranking up. The ideal place to get a variety of good quality links is though blogs, forums, bloc comments, social platforms and sometime even associated company websites.

9. The turtle wins the race

Regardless of how good your strategy is you need to move like a turtle as it takes time to build up your rank with a bank of quality content to generate the positive results based on the kind of links to your website. Remaining consistent with your work will always surpass irregular surges of effort from yourself or from your SEO team.

10. Be social

Social media is the biggest platform to posts your content as search engines monitors how active you are on your social media pages such as Facebook & Twitter. It is proven that a business can attract more attention on today’s web users. So get active on social media and build a strong relationship with your audiences/followers to get more likes & shares.

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